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Café Restaurant Heisa

There's always something going on here. At Café Restaurant Heisa, we do things just a little bit differently. No classically set tables or other formalities here. Instead, at Heisa, you'll find old-fashioned coziness and above all, a healthy dose of Dutch down-to-earthness. But we love to combine that with inspiring and high-quality dishes from our own kitchen.

The restaurant


Here, we do what we love the most, and you can taste, see, and hear it everywhere. We bring together culinary craftsmanship with our passion for pure and simply delicious food. Heisa is Heisa; a place that lives, buzzes, and sparkles, and where we want everyone to feel at home.


In the café at the front, you can casually sit down for a refreshing cold beer, a good glass of wine, accompanied by, of course, the most delicious snacks. In the atmospheric restaurant area, you can enjoy shared dining dishes with a Mediterranean touch. Choose from a colorful collection of dishes that all pair wonderfully with each other. The dishes are served in a way that you can share them perfectly, but if you want to keep everything for yourself, that's perfectly fine too.

Reasons to visit Café Restaurant Heisa:

  • Shared Dining concept, so there's always something for everyone.
  • Old-fashioned coziness from early till late.
  • Fully catered boat arrangements, with the same coziness you're used to at Heisa.
  • The most delicious cocktails and wines.
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